The first Gay Pride in The Hague is a fact! From 6 to 9 June 2019, the rainbow flags can be hung en masse. Prepare yourself for a packed program of cultural, social and sporting activities and of course one big celebration of diversity! With this year the “Royal Rainbow Parade” as the crown jewel of The Hague Pride.

“Don't be afraid to CONNECT”
The message of The Hague Pride 2019! A slogan that states exactly what a Pride is all about. A message that will be consistently visible throughout all Pride activities.
Creating unity, removing (pre)judgments and talking to each other from a positive approach. Not being afraid of the unknown and respecting each other despite our differences.

** June 6 & 7 **

The official Kick Off of The Hague Pride in Filmhuis Den Haag. An adapted Pride programming and a range of social and cultural activities.
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** June 8 **

A colorful carriage parade that will pass the monuments of The Hague. A unique event that fits exactly with the image of The Hague as a royal city. This parade will start from the Homomonument (Koekamp, ​​The Hague) and end at the Lange Vijverberg, where the party will then break loose.
Start of Lange Vijverberg 15.00 p.m.
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For the third time in a row, The Hague Pride Walk. An initiative of COC-Haaglanden. This Walk will start from the Homomonument (Koekamp, ​​The Hague) and end at the Lange Vijverberg
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the Lange Vijverberg will lend itself to this Pride as the ultimate meeting point. Both a cultural program (during the day) and a festive program (evening) are planned on the main stage. The presentation will be in the hands of Antje Monteiro.
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Gay Volleyball Tournament on the beach of Kijkduin. An initiative of the Roze Blok.
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When the programming of the Mainstage ends at 23.00 p.m., the party moves inside. The official afterparty in the biggest club in The Hague; the horse! A party with multiple music styles, so something for everyone.

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** June 9 **
The closing of The Hague Pride 2019! A big party where you can enjoy the best sounds at MANJEFIEK OUTDOOR with the last energy you have left from 16.00!
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