Tika Stardust is our new social worker

I'm Tikka. My author name, company name, Facebook and Instagram is: Tika Stardust. My legal name is Astrid C. van de Weetering. 

At Humanitas ESSM Rotterdam I had a contract for a few hours a week. I gave information, interviews and guest lectures in which discussing intimacy and sexuality in healthcare is central. I also had/have a meeting/support group for people who work as social erotic service providers in healthcare. I am an expert in this field.
I have extensive experience with the COC target group. Ask me, or see my website if you want to know more about this.

For over 15 years I have been a meditation counselor in a meditation center and I have done a yoga training and I am a substitute yoga teacher at a gym. 

I have also worked in healthcare as a contact clown – once I did children's parties and festivities as a juggling and magician clown and I gave juggling workshops. 

My COC Haaglanden mobile number is 06 – 2198 5017 and the email address tika@cochaaglanden.nl

Hoping for a nice collaboration 
I greet you kindly 

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