On October 27, 2016, COC Haaglanden will bring the Tour d'Amour to The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

stormy_bookToo many pink elderly still do not dare to be themselves in their own living environment. This is not only due to the ignorance and sometimes even disrespectful behavior of employees in the care sector, but also due to the misunderstanding of their peers. The Tour d'Amour, with the help of writer Eveline van de Putte and her book Stormy Silence, life stories of pink elderly, wants to bridge the gap of taboos and ignorance by entering into a dialogue about sexual diversity. This includes (voluntary) healthcare workers and their residents, as well as students, migrant and welfare organisations, churches and senior citizens' associations.

As a result, the well-known 'unknown makes unloved' change into the slogan: Love is a right for everyone, so that pink elderly people can also age safely and happily, healthy!

You can register for the afternoon via tourdamour@cochaaglanden.nl.

The afternoon is organized by COC Haaglanden in collaboration with The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the Municipality of The Hague as part of the Month of Vitality.

Where and when?
October 27, 2016
The Hague University of Applied sciences
Johanna Westerdijkplein 75
2521 AND The Hague

Evelyn van de Putte

evelineEveline van de Putte is not only a writer, but also a photographer and trainer.

Much of her work focuses on human rights and empowerment. She uses art as a means to break taboos and to give voice and face to unknown groups.

She wrote about elderly people in Suriname (Fosten Tori), elderly migrant refugees in the Netherlands (Van Ver), among others. With her latest book Stormy Silence, life stories of pink elderly, she has been traveling through the country since early 2014. With this Tour d'Amour, Eveline has now visited almost 60 organizations for care and welfare. These unique dialogue meetings have become a household name. She is currently working on a book about transgender elderly people.

Eveline van de Putte is co-founder of the Empowerment Foundation.


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