Multi-Ethnic Relations between Lesbian Women in a Dynamic Community

At the intersection of culture, love and prejudice
Based on the project plan “Multi-ethnic relations between lesbian women in a dynamic community”, an attempt is made to promote tolerance between lesbian women with a multi-ethnic relationship and the surrounding cultural community. It seems like a taboo within a taboo when you come home as a woman with a woman and then also not from your community. That this can lead to a double exclusion, both by community and partner, is the subject of a special meeting. Based on the personal experiences of lesbian women and representatives of the community, we look at how we can develop a dialogue to combat prejudice, exclusion and discrimination. Breaking down barriers that those involved experience in their daily functioning, both privately and professionally, is one of the starting points. Entering into a dialogue with each other is an impetus for this.

Location: Association DSB
Address: Afrikaanderplein 3, 3072 EA Rotterdam
Tel: 010 - 485 66 40
Date/time: December 15, 2014, 19:30 PM.

The Katılım Foundation invites you to attend this meeting.


19.30 pm: Reception
20.00:XNUMX: Welcome and explanation by Zeki Arslan
20.15 pm: In conversation with the invited and interviewees
21.30 pm: Summary and conclusion
21.45 pm: Closing meeting

For further information, please contact the project leaders.

Gülseren Eksik (06-2441 04 83) or Ayṣe Eski (06-4817 85 24) / Email:

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