Dear students, teachers, parents, family and friends,

In three weeks it will be Purple Friday! Purple Friday is a day when everyone at school can show their support for gender, gender and sexual diversity by wearing purple. People who feel insecure about who or what they are then feel extra supported.

What does it mean?
The performance Homonlogen is about that uncertainty. When do you know you're in love? How do you ask someone out? Is it safe to come out of the closet? How do you tell your friends? And to your parents? How do you, as a classmate, friend or family member, deal with it if someone suddenly appears to be attracted to someone of the same sex? And what if you just don't know yet? Homonologists show that love is not as predictable as we would like. After the performance, we will have a conversation with the players and visitors.

There are two performances on Friday 13 December.

The first performance is from 16.00:17.30 PM to XNUMX:XNUMX PM. This performance is mainly intended for students and teachers.

The second performance is from 19.00:20.30 PM to XNUMX:XNUMX PM. This performance is mainly intended for parents, relatives, friends, neighbors and so on

In the Forum, Zoetermeer Library.

How do you get a ticket?
You can download a free ticket using the links below.

For the first performance.
For the second show.

There is limited space so full=full.

On presentation of your entrance ticket you will receive a free drink in the Forumcafé afterwards.

These performances are organized by COC Haaglanden, the Zoetermeer Library and the municipality of Zoetermeer. The municipality of Zoetermeer has been a rainbow municipality since 2012. We think it is important that everyone is given the space to be themselves. That is why we ask extra attention on Purple Friday for the acceptance of LGBTI+ residents.

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