In the late XNUMXs, Dr. Anton Verschoor cared about the fate of those who did not feel completely or at all at home in the body of their birth gender, the people we now call transgender.

On Wednesday February 4, 1970, through the NVSH, the first meeting with Dr. Verschoor organized at home for those who are now summarized under the term transgender. The group also included Thea Wickel, who unfortunately passed away last year, who led the group for many years.

From 1974, when the group had grown far too large to join Dr. If they did not meet at home, open meetings could be held at the NVSH on the Blauwburgwal on the first Wednesday of the month.
Later, the “Gender Diversity Association” arose from this. Transgenders from Amsterdam and the wider area still meet on the first Wednesday of the month. Last year was the 50th anniversary, but we couldn't pay the necessary attention to it because of corona.

Transgendergroep Amsterdam and the Gender Diversity Association do not want to let this anniversary pass unnoticed. Although the emancipation of transgender people has already improved greatly, it still leaves a lot to be desired. That is why we have decided to draw more attention to the situation of transgenders on the occasion of this anniversary by means of a symposium with expert speakers.

The emphasis will mainly be on people who are not looking for a (complete) transition in the medical circuit, such as crossdressers and non-binary persons. Those are those who don't want to change gender but have strong feminine or masculine feelings that don't match their birth gender. The complete program can be found here.

This meeting will take place on Saturday September 25, 2021 at the CREA Theater, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018 WV Amsterdam. The reception is from 13:15. Since we will start the program promptly at 13:45, we would appreciate your arrival well in advance of that time. After the symposium there is an informal meeting with a snack and a drink, where people have ample opportunity to talk to each other.

If there is sufficient interest, there will be an opportunity to eat together after the symposium and the networking drink. The costs thereof are for your own account. We start from €25,00 to €30,00.

It is important to register for this in good time, so that we can organize this properly.

Gender Diversity Association

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