A very pleasant afternoon of theatre. Stick around and chat while enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea and delicious home-baked cakes and/or pastries, by residents of The Hague. Vers Gezet takes place once a month on Sunday.

This edition: Tour d'Amour.
What's more beautiful than love? Especially when you can choose your partner in complete freedom. That was not always obvious in the past: two believes on one pillow… But it was also not easy for people who fell in love with someone of the same sex. They couldn't talk to anyone about it. The environment was usually far from ready to accept other forms of love. And even in 2021 it will not be easy for pink elderly, but also for some young people, to be themselves. In the Tour d'Amour you can get acquainted with those stories of the past and present. Narrated by author Eveline van de Putte, pink elder Magda and Romgens and sung by Victoria False. A beautiful afternoon for everyone who loves life stories and especially for everyone who loves people!

Walk-in: 13.15 hours
Start: 14.00 hour
Location: theater hall
Entrance performance: €8, entrance with Ooievaarspas €4

Sign up: https://podiumnoord.nl/productie/vers-zet-tour-damour/2086/

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