140 years of Hindustani immigration and tolerance…?

140 years ago the immigration of workers to plantations in Suriname started from India/Pakistan. The conditions they found themselves in were bad and often degrading. They depended on each other and through joint effort many of those circumstances were overcome. Much has happened and much has been learned in the past 140 years. Good to see that this year. In that context, it is also good to ask questions: what has 140 years of history done to the Hindustani community? Has the battle fought made the community more tolerant or not? How are people who are 'different' viewed within the community and what is passed on to young people?

Sarita Foundation and Rainbow Den Haag Foundation are organizing a dialogue meeting on dealing with sexual diversity on Friday evening 8 November in the context of 140 years of Hindustani immigration. Based on propositions, we assess the state of affairs and look to the future.

Preliminary program:
17.00:XNUMX pm: Walk-in
18.30 pm: Welcome
18.40 pm: Presentations
19.10 pm: Intermezzo
19.30 pm: Dialogue with forum
21.00 pm: Closing / After talk

Neighborhood Center De Regenvalk
69 Weimar Street
2562 GR The Hague

Further information:
Sarita Foundation: info@stichtingsarita.nl / 06-24 10 18 47
Rainbow Foundation The Hague: info@rainbowdenhaag.nl / 06-40 13 46 51, 06-55 83 12 89

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