The Information Team of COC Haaglanden provides information to primary schools, secondary schools, MBO and HBO courses and to professionals.

Our information is about sexual diversity and gender identity.
For example, during information sessions we explain the differences between sex and gender, or between gender expression and gender identity, or we talk about discrimination and prejudice.
The main purpose of the information is to start a conversation with the students.
We answer questions that can also be about ourselves, and we ask questions to make students think.

The most important thing is that we enter into a conversation in which everyone can be themselves.
Mutual respect and a safe atmosphere are required.
You put it down together with your co-information officer!
As a new information officer, you first walk a few times with experienced information officers.
A few times a year, COC Netherlands organizes a basic training that you can follow.
About once every 6 weeks there is a meeting with the Information Team where not only organizational matters are discussed, but you also receive a lot of extra training.  
You keep learning and growing!

The COC Haaglanden information team consists of approximately 20 enthusiastic volunteers; we are continuously looking for new information officers to join our team!
Fortunately, we are receiving more and more applications from primary, secondary, secondary and higher vocational education.

We like to be role models for everyone so we are always looking for people from all corners of the world, faiths and all sexual and gender identities.

Are you curious, rather, enthusiastic?

For more information or to register, please contact Maaike Franken, Information Coordinator, using the form below.

We provide information throughout the Haaglanden region: The Hague, Leidschendam Voorburg, Zoetermeer, Rijswijk and the Westland.

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