Education and Outreach

The COC Haaglanden education team makes sexual diversity a topic for discussion! 

Why is education about sexual and gender diversity important?

Schools are often not a safe place for students to come out. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students (abbreviated to lhbt) regularly have to deal with negative reactions.

The following results have been obtained from various studies among students. The latest study by the Social Cultural Planning Office from 2021 (unfortunately) also shows a negative picture:

Lesbian, gay and bisexual young people between the ages of 11 and 16 experience more welfare and lifestyle problems in their lifetime than their heterosexual peers. That is the conclusion of a study by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) into differences between young people with different sexual orientations.

The situation at school also appears to play an important role. “LGBTI students are bullied more often than heterosexual students. They indicate that on average their relationship with teachers is less good and the atmosphere in the classroom is perceived less positively.”

With our guest lessons we don't just provide compliance with the legal requirement forcitizenship education , but we can also help you monitor, check and set up an LGBTIQ+ friendly living and learning climate at your school!

Information about LGBTIQ+, talking about being different, but being allowed to be who you are, respect in practice, learning to form and express your opinion. Learn what GENDER identity is, and talk about what "male" and "female" mean for developing your own identity.

These are all aspects of our guest lessons. A conversation, not persuasion.

1 in 15

Identifies as LGBTI+


Experience discriminatory incidents in education


More frequent daily or weekly bullying by peers or teachers


More suicide attempts among LGBTI youth

“I came in here with a lot of hate, but now I'm leaving with a lot of love” 


“Your approach is open and personal, which makes it inviting for students to have an open and personal conversation” 


“The students sometimes make me aware of my own prejudices”


Who are guest lectures for?

The information is given in all forms of secondary education, PO, VO, MBO, HBO and University.

The lessons are adapted to the educational level. In secondary education it mainly concerns sexual identity and in primary education it mainly concerns the themes of love and living together. At ROCs and HBOs, the emphasis is on the students' future professional field.

What does a guest lecture look like?

Different aspects of the subject of homosexuality are discussed. The students are challenged to think about gender identity and sexual diversity. They receive information about society, religion, discrimination, culture, bullying/swearing and prejudice. During interactive lessons, the experienced volunteers respond to questions and ideas that arise in the classrooms. Various working methods are used to initiate the conversation. Depending on the information group and the request from the school, the lessons last one or two lessons.

Who are the COC Haaglanden education volunteers?

The Education and Outreach Team of COC Haaglanden consists of an enthusiastic and diverse group of volunteers. The spokespersons all have an affinity with lhbtiq+, which means they can discuss this subject from personal experience. They are also continuously trained to increase their professionalism.

Would you rather be in front of the class?
Become an educator!

Will you join our team?

Would you like to talk (together with your team members) with students about sexual orientation and gender identity? Do you think it is important that there is a safe atmosphere in schools and that every student can be themselves? Are you available for two half days per month?

Do you want to provide information at schools and institutions in The Hague, Rijkswijk, Zoetermeer, Leidschendam-Voorburg or Westland?

We offer:

  • Training and guidance by experienced educators in the field of presentation, anti-discrimination, dealing with resistance and everything you need to be able to stand in front of a group.
  • Fun social activities for volunteers that strengthen the team spirit.
  • Travel allowance

Who are you?

  • You are out of the closet, and okay with yourself, as a queer, lesbian, gay, bi or transgender ea or have (demonstrable) experience with it;
  • You can take criticism, negative reactions and emotions;
  • You are interested in the world of students; primary or secondary or students MBO/HBO or university.
  • You are not afraid to stand in front of groups and you are able to improvise;
  • You have good social and communication skills.
  • You can obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). We pay for the application.

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