Dear members, volunteers and friends of COC Haaglanden,

It's a strange year, 2020. Once again we are in a partial lockdown together. Once again we had to close our cafe and have to shut down almost all our activities. As a board, we naturally hate this, because for many of you our activities, a meal and chat in our cafe are of great social importance. But we know that only together we can get this virus down.

I hope you and your loved ones are in good health and if you need a listening ear, don't hesitate to contact Tika from social work. She likes to make time for a conversation!

This year has also proved fickle for me personally. Together with my boyfriend we recently bought our first house, in Amsterdam (sorry!), as we both work in the capital. That happy news was unfortunately snowed under by the diagnosis of cancer in my friend Luis. And although the outlook is positive for the time being, the diagnosis has radically changed our lives and forced us to make choices. I have decided to resign my presidency early. At the next members' meeting I will say goodbye to you as chairman and hopefully you will appoint a successor.

Please know that I have experienced the presidency as very honorable, fun and meaningful. Over the past period I have met a lot of great members and volunteers who are close to my heart. I also got to know my colleagues on the board as committed and passionate about the work of and for our community. You can get your hands dirty with these dedicated drivers – I say completely unbiased, of course!

I hope we can say goodbye in person at a later time.

For now: watch yourself, watch each other and stay healthy!


Peter Scheffer (he/him)
chairman COC Haaglanden

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