Thank Gay It's Friday! on February 3 especially with (bad) singing and laughter!

Come sing your heart out during our queer Karaoke evening at the COC café on February 3! We start at 19pm and we'd love to try and start with your favorite song so let us know which song you'd like to sing and we'll get it on! ABBA, Grease and Hazes are part of our songs! I hope to see you then!

It's always fun, no matter how busy or quiet it is, with often even board members behind the bar. Who will run this time? Come by, recover from your long work week and chat about everything. COC members even get a 10% discount on our already not very expensive drinks! So come by at the Scheveningseveer 7, and maybe even become a member!

COC Haaglanden organizes a weekly VrijMiBo from 19:00 to 23:00.

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