That's crazy, yesterday this page looked very different? That's right!

We've been busy designing and implementing a new website for the past month. This makes it much easier to find information about our four core themes: information, social work, social activities and our agenda! The homepage shows our mission, our activities, blog posts and all the reasons to become a member now extra large.

All underlying pages have also been adjusted. Everything has been revised, from images to text and layout.

If you come across something that is not quite right, we would of course like to hear about it. A major migration will always bring some teething problems. For example, bookmarks and old links to our pages may no longer work. In that case, hopefully you can find the content again soon, or send us a message if something is missing.

Do you miss our old website, or would you like to take a look at our very first webpage from 2001? Then look at the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.






Welcome to the new!

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