Zilveruitjes – every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, for and by pink elderly and anyone who feels at home with pink elderly.

Sunday 15 January:

Gallery Smelik & Stokking

This afternoon we go to Gallery Smelik & Stokking where there is an exhibition of Sven Hoekstra. At half past three we depart from the COC Café to Noordeinde 150, but you can of course also go to the gallery on your own.

At 18.30 pm there is a nice meal for 7 euros. Bart is cooking: vol au vents with croquettes and garden peas. And for dessert: vanilla strawberry ice cream. Sign up in time at the bar in the afternoon, because: full is full!

The Zilveruitje starts at 15.00 p.m., but the COC Café is open from 12.00 noon. (Scheveningseveer 7, 2514 HB The Hague)

Information: Jan van Leeuwen 070-3649401 or Wim Coene 070-3228915 or Arjan Spek 015-7505422 or Ernesto Rozendal 06-51934162

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