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Sunday September 17:

Panorama Mesdag: Comfort Zone

You usually don't look at each other unabashedly on the beach – although we want to. Perhaps that is why we literally dare to expose ourselves to the sea. The exhibition Comfort Zone by artist Tadao Cern shows a series of 24 photos in which Cern portrayed bathers asleep and therefore, unsuspectingly. The edges of skin peeking out from under their swimwear reveal how long they've been out in the sun. With humor, tenderness and curiosity, Cern shows the beauty and diversity of imperfection, of people in their comfort zone.

The bathers are photographed close to the skin. Because they hide their faces against the unrelenting sun under a newspaper or towel, they remain unrecognizable. Read more The viewer can look at all the details calmly, without feeling embarrassed. He even feels as comfortable as the people in the photo. Everyone can be themselves on the beach.

Cern calls this series Comfort Zone because none of the people meet the imposed ideal of beauty. Yet they literally expose themselves on the beach in often minuscule swimwear. They are completely in their comfort zone.

The result is a photo series that makes you happy while at the same time realizing that we should worry less about what others think or think of us.

Panorama Mesdag, Zeestraat 65 (extension of Noordeinde), 2518 AA The Hague. Admission costs € 10. Museum card admission is free!

We depart from the COC Café at 15.30 pm. But of course you can also go there yourself.

At 18.30 pm there is a delicious meal for only € 7.-. Bart cooks, but the menu is still a surprise! Sign up in time at the bar in the afternoon, because: full is full!

Information: Jan van Leeuwen 06-58850680 or Wim Coene 070-3228915 or Ernesto Rozendal 06-51934162


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