gender cafe

The bar night for all gender diversity!

Bring your gender, or leave it at home!

Every 2nd Saturday of the month from 19:00 pm Lisa, Boris, Roy and Dewi organize the Gendercafé

Especially for everyone who falls under the transgender umbrella, and those who doubt their gender identity. This evening offers mainly transgender people, including non-binary people, their friends and their acquaintances the opportunity to just be themselves in a safe environment and meet other like-minded people. Gendercafé is made possible for and by like-minded people.

Are you coming over?

Scheveningseveer 7
2514HB The Hague


It is quite something to go to a group full of strangers for the first time, especially if you are not sure yourself yet. Fortunately, we make it easy to connect.

Get to know us

You can simply message the coordinators to discuss your nerves, concerns, or questions. This way you know what to expect and you can step in with more confidence!

Drop by

Every second Saturday of the month we organize the gender café from 19:00. The best way to get over your nerves is to drop by and experience it!


Your questions, our answers

Some questions are more common than others, so we have listed a few answers here. Is yours not among them? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Are cisgender people welcome?

You can always walk in, but cisgender people are asked to let their transgender friends and relatives take the lead.

Can I change somewhere?

There is a room with a mirror for those who need it. Here you can change and do your makeup yourself.

Can someone help me with my makeup?

There is usually always someone present who can help with make-up!
However, for hygiene reasons, we do ask, if possible, if you could bring your own make-up.

Can I isolate myself with someone…

Gender cafe is not the place for hookups.