On the 21st of December we celebrate the release of Place : The Netherlands, a compilation made to raise funds for Open Closet LGBT Netherlands. The album was curated by queer activist Axmed Amiin Maxamed and DJ Jasmín. It includes tracks of local artists: Accuraat, Blusher, Cuboid Kiss, Dim Garden, DJ Bone, DutchAfro, Jarlentji, Loradeniz, Global Mind Surveillance, Pasiphae, Raj, Ranie Ribeiro, Rural Juror and Zohar.

Place : is a non-profit project created by New York label Air Texture, which aims to move the thinking on electronic and dance music as more than the party, but as a platform that socially activates. The project creates country or regionally specific electronic music compilations where the proceeds are donated to local groups working on social causes.

Purchase the album and find more info here:

Day program:

Art Exhibition by Teddy Lyon Ams

Discourse hosted by The Hang-Out 070 and Open Closet LGBT Netherlands

‘How LGBTQIA+ refugees and undcumented people survive and thrive in the Netherlands’ with:

Cj – Open Closet LGBT Netherlands
Alejandra Ortiz – Trans United Europe/Trans BPOC European network
Charity – Prisma Groep

moderated by Hajar El Moutaouakil – SEHAQ, Queer Refugees Group

Night program:

Accuraat (live)
Air Texture
Harley Doorson
Loradeniz (hybrid)
Rural Juror

There will be an option have dinner or a snack.

About Open Closet LGBT Netherlands:
Open Closet LGBT Netherlands was co-founded by Teddy Lyon as a response to the difficulties of his personal experience with the local immigration authorities (IND). Having decided that he is here to stay, the South-African born activist wanted to make sure that what happened to him does not happen to others. Open Closet not only ensures that incoming LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers are properly registered, but also provides help with food, support towards the procedures required, counseling and a family where everybody is welcome. They provide a place to come together and cover for travel costs if needed. By organising meetings regularly, they create a sense of community and belonging for queer asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Open Closet also ensures that asylum seekers are properly informed of their rights and options.

There are 3 different kinds of tickets available for the event, depending on what people can afford. It’s also possible to make an additional donation online that will directly go to Open Closet LGBT Netherlands. Ticketshop: https://thegreyspace.stager.nl/web/tickets/380668

If you can’t afford a ticket, please send an e-mail to Open Closet LGBT Netherlands on openclosetlgbt.nl@hotmail.com

Artwork by: Marwan Mohamed Elhajjami

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