International Social Club (LGBT) will focus on the Internationals and the expats in The Hague and the surrounding areas. The Internationals are a sector that has been ignored because people have the perspective that  working for an international organization and moving from place to place makes them safe from stigma affecting other LGBT people from all over the world, but they are as vulnerable as other people, they need a safe haven where they can come together and feel safe and COC Haaglanden is offering that to the expats, I have had the privilege of moving from place to place and studying in different environments and the way expats face the stigma from the other people.

The International Social Club will bring together internationals in a fun, educative, interactive and social way, we’re talking about people ready to party, interact, share ideas, brain storm and look at all the solutions affecting the international LGBT community. The International Social Club LGBT club will be a sector of people that are willing to give back to the community in a humanitarian way.  To me it’s not about just LGBT  from here to there, it’s about the person you are, I realise that the problems encountered are in one way or another similar though impact can differ. LGBT International Social Club will bring a sense of belonging to many members from different cultures and diversity.

Victoria Nakaddu

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