The General Members' Meeting of December 13, 2017

The agenda of this GMM included the annual plans for 2018 of the working groups and the budget for the new year. All in all, quite a few plans that together give an idea of ​​what is happening within the organization!

The members who come to an ALV are at the very least interested and are usually involved in one or more activities. How nice it is to see that the degree of involvement is high. From questions about the café to the care for volunteers, from Declarations on Behavior to the financial housekeeping book… there is attention for everything.

Nice to see how attention is paid to the various target groups. Nice to see how many plans and ideas there are still. The invitation to help build further on COC Haaglanden and to make wishes come true has been received.

With a second term for Sandra Khouw and the appointment of Paul van der Kraan as secretary, the board will continue in its current composition. With the expressed confidence of the members that the work is done seriously and carefully. How beautiful!

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