Win 10x tickets for 'Ask Splinter Chabot' on Purple Friday!
You can participate in this evening online between 20:00 and 22:00. Become ghostsartist Naomi Veldwijk will interview author and television celebrity Splinter Chabot (see Ask Splinter Chabot). Naomi Veldwijk is known for her sharpness and daring to ask questions to get to the core of the answer. Of course, as an online guest, you can also ask Splinter Chabot questions!

Do you want to be here? Complete 1 of the following sentences;

– Purple Friday means to me…

– Our school celebrates Purple Friday because…

Send your entry to . by December 9th at the latest
Please state your name, e-mail address and which GSA you belong to.

December 11th we will announce the winning GSA!

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