Step into a world full of creativity and self-expression! Take part in our fun and educational workshop series. Discover your unique style and shine in the spotlight on the last evening. Participate in the workshop rounds, hosted by HAUS OF 4D. 

1. Drag Make-up on Friday October 6
Learn the basics of drag makeup and experiment with your favorite looks.

2. How to design a look: on October 13
Design your own style, from hair to accessories, to match your character.

3. Become your Persona on October 20
Explore acting and persona creation.

4. Podium and presentation on October 27
Practice and plan a final performance with feedback from others.

5. Beautiful Closing on November 3
Feel like a star during the grand finale!

Are you currently on a tight budget? No problem, you can still participate, just let us know by emailing

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