'Roadmap2Freedom' festival in Louwman Museum

On March 8, The Hague celebrates International Women's Day with the 'Roadmap2Freedom' festival in the Louwman Museum. This year's theme is freedom: freedom of expression, sexuality, financial freedom and standing in your own power. The festival is a combination of music, dance and interactive workshops. Alderman Karsten Klein also presents the Kartini Prize, the annual emancipation prize of the city of The Hague. Women, men and children are welcome that day and access – including to the extensive car collection – is free. For more information: www.8maartfestival.nl.

For women, the road to freedom was a long road with many obstacles, but in 2015 a lot has been achieved. Women have the right to vote, can decide for themselves about the use of contraceptives, no longer have to stop working as soon as they have children and are increasingly found in top positions. But we have not yet reached the end of the road to freedom. There are still differences between men and women with regard to income and/or division of labor in the household.

During the celebration of International Women's Day in The Hague, we will reflect on this and visitors can follow various workshops that have to do with the many forms of freedom in life. The event is intended for women, men and children. The celebration is an initiative of the Municipality of The Hague in collaboration with the Sarita Foundation, PEP Den Haag, COC Haaglanden and the Yasmin Foundation.

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