Our monthly Jong&Out Haaglanden meetings are well attended. We have a team of nice supervisors, but sometimes we come up short.

We are looking for counselors who are between 20 and 30 years old and who are lesbian, gay, bi and/or transgender.

The meetings are once a month (last of the month) and we hope that new facilitators can attend about 8 of the 11 meetings per year.

Good communication skills, assertive, able to deal with teenagers, patient, stress resistant, sense of responsibility.

Since the volunteer work with young people under the age of eighteen, we ask you to request a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) after the first interview. We reimburse the costs for this as an organisation.

Job description:
Supervising and monitoring house rules, taking action in the event of conflicts and calamities. Provide information: if necessary in an individual case: refer to help.

Responsibility: opening the building and closing it in good condition, talking to parents.

Jong&Out is supported by groups of young people who organize their own activities. The role of the facilitator is that of facilitator, supporter, supervisor, etc.

Jong&Out offers LGB young people aged 12 to 18 a meeting place where they come into contact with peers and do activities together. The Jong&Out team consists of at least 2 supervisors and a volunteer group.

Working hours:
Jong & Out Haaglanden takes place every last Sunday of the month. On that day, the supervisor/star is at work for 5 hours. In addition , a number of hours of preparation and meeting together about 6 hours .

Interested in becoming a supervisor or have questions about it? Then email us boyout@cochaaglanden.nl.

Yours faithfully,
Sebastian Plug
Youth Coordinator

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