Thursday 15 May 2014
Article 1 bank, Hofplaats The Hague*

12.00: Offer Pact to The Hague

Marzouk Abdellah (UMMON)
Hague Council for Philosophies and Religions
Avraham Soetendorp (LJG) (to be confirmed)
Hans Gouweleeuw (Humanist Association)
Deborah Landman (COC Haaglanden)
Anne Swart (A country, a society)
Lonneke Lemaire (Platform Stop Racism and Exclusion)
Sandew Hira (

13.15 pm: Meeting with the Council of Churches at the Kloosterkerk, Lange Voorhout

14.00 Closing at the Liberal Jewish Community (LJG), Prinsessegracht 26

* At 11 am a procession of participants will leave from the Mohsinin mosque, Stationsweg 89. Anyone who wants to join is welcome.

The diversity between people in the Netherlands is great. This often leads to heated debates about fundamental differences of opinion. However, conflicts should not be grounds for physical violence (such as assault or arson) or verbal abuse (such as name-calling, bullying or giving the Hitler salute).

Everyone has the right to be who they are – especially if he or she treats others with respect – although that can be difficult for others to accept. After all, we're not all the same. Some groups, especially minority groups, face significant discrimination and violence, such as homosexuals, Muslims, Jews and blacks. Not only from the rest of society, but also because of mutual contradictions.

Many organizations want to make a clear statement against discrimination and violence by supporting the Security Pact against Discrimination.

This concerns, among other things, the COC that stands up for the interests of homosexuals. But also about Islamic, Jewish and Christian organizations that want to stand up for each other. As well as non-religious organisations, such as the Humanist Association and Een land, een society, Platform Stop Racism and Exclusion.

The Pact was launched in 2012 in Amsterdam. It is now offered to The Hague. The demonstration will take place just before the European elections on May 22, 2014.

For a Europe without hatred of minorities.

Organisation: Mohamed Echarrouti (UMMON), Joke Jongejan (PDA), Roemer van Oordt (IK), Harry Polak (LJGA), Mohamed Rabbae (EL/ES) Mustafa Slaby (Al Kabir), Tijno Venema (IK).

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