On Sunday 16 September, the photo exhibition RAGAZZI with photos of Italian models will open in Foto Atelier BW5 in the Huygenskwartier Voorburg. The exhibition will be opened at 14.30 pm by Arnout van Kooij, chairman of COC Haaglanden. The exhibition lasts until Sunday 14 October.

Foto Atelier BW5 at Zwartepad 5 in Voorburg, is open from Friday to Sunday. In addition to the opening on September 16, there will also be a Pink Drink from 14.00 pm to 17.00 pm.

Ragazzi is Italian for boys. Frank Rozenberg has been photographing for about 7 years and has a preference for portraits. Over the years he has photographed quite a few Italians and five of them can now be seen. A total of 13 photos. It seems typical of his photos that the model looks through you with a certain look.

Photo Gallery BW5
Blackpad 5
2271 BT Voorburg

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