On December 5, the factions of D66, VVD, PvdA, HSP, CDA, GroenLinks and the PVV asked the Board of B&W of The Hague the following questions about the International Pink Church (IRK),

  1. Is the board aware that COC Haaglanden has terminated its collaboration with the International Pink Church (IRK), as a result of which the IRK will disappear from The Hague?
  2. Does the Commission agree that the IRK is of added value for The Hague?
  3. What options does the Commission see for retaining the IRK in The Hague?

The board of COC Haaglanden is committed to providing the following explanation.

Contrary to what question 1 suggests, the board of COC Haaglanden has not terminated its cooperation with the IRK. The message of 22 November last on the website of COC Haaglanden clearly states that the cooperation with the IRK, but with an IRK coordinator, has been terminated due to a breach of trust. (Message of 22 November. website of COC Haaglanden)

There was also consultation about the matter between a representative of the IRK board and COC Haaglanden, in which the motives for this decision-making were explained. In principle, the IRK can still use the COC facilities, but will have to do so without the coordinator in question. The IRK has indicated that it does not want to operate without the coordinator, as a result of which it excludes itself from using the COC facilities.

COC Haaglanden wants to emphasize that COC Haaglanden is a secular organization and that the activities of the IRK are not part of its core tasks. However, COC Haaglanden has previously decided, at the request of the IRK, to provide free hospitality for holding a monthly IRK meeting. The agreement has been made that the IRK adheres to the rules and instructions of COC Haaglanden.

In the opinion of COC Haaglanden, no longer using COC facilities does not imply, as question 1 suggests, that the IRK should disappear from The Hague. After all, the IRK board can be expected to be able to find a location for its meetings elsewhere in The Hague.

COC Haaglanden leaves the answers to questions 2 and 3 to the Board of B&W.

Apart from this general explanation, COC Haaglanden does not comment on issues concerning individual volunteers.

The board of COC Haaglanden

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